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Like so many inventions before it, Chapplicator was created out of necessity. After learning to ski in 2009, Bill Murray quickly realized that putting on lip balm while out on the slopes was a serious hassle. It typically involves removing a glove (and hoping you don't drop it off the lift), digging around in a ski jacket, fiddling with a tiny cap, and then putting yourself back together again. He knew there had to be a better way to do it, and he set out to find a solution.

 Chapplicator's First Season

After developing several concepts that weren't quite right, Bill got the idea for a lip balm holder that sticks to a helmet.  75% of skiers and snowboarders wear helmets and 100% of them should. He molded his first prototype out of Play-Doh and then got some help from industrial designers to bring it to life. Bill and his wife, Cate, tested the first 3D-printed prototypes on the slopes of Telluride, CO. As he continued to tweak the design and show more people his invention, he knew that he was on to something.


Bill hired Bigger Tuna, a product development firm based at the Columbus Idea Foundry, to help bring Chapplicator to market. Together, they have improved the function and design. 

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